Katrina Map Updates

Saturday, 3rd September 2005 by

The Google Maps and Google Earth data has recently been updated with photos of New Orleans taken on August 31st at 10am and showing the extent of the damage to the city and flooding that was brought by Hurricane Katrina.

The most striking image is the extent of the damage to the Superdome, click on 'Satellite' to see the "before" shot. Here's one of the breaches in the levee which has flooded the city, including Highway 610 where you can see the abandoned cars. There's boats scattered all over the place from this harbour and light planes that have been thrown around at the Lakefront Airport.

Google hope that the imagery will be used in the development of relief websites but if seeing the damage has moved you enough to want to help then the Red Cross are looking for donations and volunteers.

Thanks: Luke Sleeman