Planes In Flight Mega-Post

Wednesday, 13th April 2005 by

Please note that some or all of the objects mentioned in this post are no longer visible on Google Earth or Google Maps.

Well it's my own fault really. Since I posted that I hadn't seen any planes in flight, we have been absolutely inundated with submissions proving that I was completely wrong. Glad to hear it, 'cos some of these are really cool.

  • Ryan (Cool shadow - look about 4 plane widths west)
  • nowak (Can you find the shadow? I think its all the way over here)
  • Arvo Huru (Anyone know what kind of plane that is?)
  • Eric Thelin
  • Brian Lalor
  • Miker
  • Chris (Pink plane. You sure its not parked though? I can't see a shadow anywhere!)
  • Matt (From the comments - Three at once! Very cool but is it really three planes, or just one?)
  • Geoff Sulcer (Tiny little one)
  • Jason (This is the one in our first picture)
  • Colin (This one is huge! Or perhaps just very high up...)
  • Tobic (Another three planes?! One just off the top and another just off the bottom)
  • Kent (Kent says this is a U2 spyplane!)
  • josh k (Quite a few of the planes have this weird blue 'ghost' in addition to their shadows, perhaps its due to their speed...)
  • caknuck (...or perhaps its a reflection?)
  • Arvo Huru (Now that's fast!)
  • Stilt (Apparently this is over Graceland)
  • Rod Levin (This is the one in our second picture)
  • Tom (This is cool, its a razor sharp image. Can't find the shadow though.)
  • DDA (And finally... toy-town planes!)

Couple of extra plane related ones, first from punk floyd, who says that this is a SR-71 Blackbird Reconnaissance plane parked on Beale AFB, and also from Allen Ormond, who fittingly points us towards the Wright Brothers National Memorial in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina. This is where the Wright Brothers made the first powered airplane flight.

Flying 1 Flying 2

Many thanks to everyone who submitted links but didn't get a mention, there were just far too many of you!