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The Google Sightseeing Book

The Book

Not In the Guide Book is a fascinating top-down tour of nearly 100 unique locations, all captured by satellites in orbit around our planet. You won't see these sights in any other book, as they were all found with the help of Google Earth and its users, and presented by the authors of the hugely successful blog Not In the Guide Book is both funny and educational, and the staggering facts, figures, history, and images contained in this book will amaze and enthral, every time you turn the page.

"A charming little book" - Pulitzer Prize winner Dan Neil (LA Times)

"A definite must this Christmas" - Western Mail

"a best-of book of space oddities, from giant empty hotels to cruise liners parked next to apartment buildings. Hope you're not scared of heights." - New York Post

"This little book of photographs brings you nearly 100 weird and wonderful shots of Earth." - Red magazine

"the satellite pictures are amazingly detailed and the comments are informative and sometimes very funny" - review

"Check it out and you'll be hooked!" - review

The Sights

‘Plug Holes in the Mediterranean’, ‘Arizona’s Boneyard’, ‘The White Snake of Baja’, ‘The Hole in the Coast of Mexico’, ‘Face of Jesus Found in the Sand Dune’ and ‘Area 51′

Manmade marvels, bizarre natural formations, high-security areas and the simply uncategorizable but infinitely cool – here are some of the weirdest sights in the world…

Sample Pages (click for full size)

1845294661in01.jpg 1845294661in02.jpg 1845294661in04.jpg 1845294661in03.jpg

The Images

All the images in the book are high-quality satellite photography, taken by Digitalglobe's QuickBird Satellite. DigitalGlobe is the largest provider of satellite imagery to Google Earth, and granted us access to their enormous catalogue of photography. This has allowed us to choose the best of Google Earth as well as include a couple of special treats for the true Google Earth addicts – parts of the world that even Google Earth only has in low resolution (such as the spectacular world's largest diamond mine).

Ordering a copy

The Google Sightseeing book is published separately in the USA and United Kingdom:

In the US the Google Sightseeing book is called “Off the Map – The Most Amazing Sights on Earth as Seen by Satellite”. It is published Carroll & Graf and the ISBN is 0786718633. it should be availible in all good bookstores or you can shop online at

In the UK the same content goes by the name of “Not in the Guide Book – The wackiest sights on Google Earth, as seen at” It is published by Constable & Robinson and the ISBN is 1845294661. Not in the Guide Book is availible in bookshops nationwide (including Waterstone's and WH Smith) or you can shop online at

Customers outside the UK or US can purchase an imported copy of the book from online stores such as (Canada), (Germany), (France), (Japan) or (Sweden).

About the Authors

James and Alex TurnbullJames and Alex Turnbull are brothers who both live with their respective families in the beautiful city of Edinburgh, Scotland, where they were born. Alex (31) has a degree in Graphic Design (his talents have previously won him a trip to New York), and is currently a digital media developer. James (26) has a degree in Computer Science and is employed as a senior web developer. James' talents have won him two awards for web development and innovation at the National Student Radio Awards, hosted by BBC Radio 1.

Since April 2005 the brothers have run the hugely popular blog, highlighting the most fantastic things to see on the satellite photographs of Google Earth. The website has been covered in numerous online and print publications including The Guardian, Newsweek, TIME magazine's "50 coolest websites of the year", San Francisco Chronicle, LA Times, New York Post and Wired, as well as TV coverage on BBC News 24 and FOX 26.

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