Joint Security Area

Friday, 30th September 2005 by

When North Korea, China and the United Nations Command (UNC) signed the 1953 armistice which effectively ended the Korean War, they did so in a village called P'anmunjÅ?m. After the cease-fire was signed, construction began on a site located about one kilometre east of the village, the Joint Security Area (JSA). The three blue buildings straddle the border between North and South korea, and were designed and built by the UN to allow delegates from North Korea to enter one end, and delegates from South Korea to enter through the other. All meetings between the two countries have taken place in the JSA since its completion.


History lesson over 😉 If you'd like a more complete lesson, try the Wikipedia pages on the Korean War and P'anmunjÅ?m.

Thanks to Andry.