Paramount’s Kings Island

Thursday, 27th October 2005 by

This is Paramount's Kings Island theme park in Mason, Ohio, and it looks absolutely awesome. The place is a flippin' enormous 364 acres, with more rides than you could shake a stick at... in fact there's more than enough room for a 1/3 sized Eiffel Tower replica, and about a bajillion-trillion parking spaces. This place is so big that it even has its own built in waterpark, Boomerang Bay.

As for the rides themselves, Kings Island is not only home to the world's longest wooden rollercoaster, Beast (it's actually 2,143 metres long) but also to Son of Beast, the world's tallest, fastest, and only looping wooden rollercoaster. Son of the Beast is 66.4 metres tall, and has a top speed of 78 mph.

The images here are absolutely fantastic, particularly of Son of Beast, and also be sure to check out how far into the woods the Beast goes...

More info on the history of Paramount's Kings Island is available at its Wikipedia entry, here's a map of the park in pdf format on the official site, and for you stats-heads out there, the Wikipedia pages on Beast and Son of Beast should keep you more than satisfied.

Many thanks to Kenneth Head, Josh Lee, Clint, Jesse Allmyer and John Quigley II.