Guest Post: The Basement Geographer

Tuesday, 2nd November 2010 by

Today we’re very proud to be featuring a specially-commissed guest post from Kyle Kusch, proprietor of excellent geography blog The Basement Geographer.

In his non-Internet life, Kyle works as a jack-of-all-trades geographer in rural British Columbia, Canada, where he tells us that he actually does operate out of his basement. On his site, Kyle writes about all manner of geo-related topics spanning the globe, but for his guest post on Google Sightseeing, he has chosen to take you on a tour of his own corner of the world - The Arrow Lakes on the Columbia River.

If you’re an aspiring geo-blogger - and you’d like to be considered for a guest spot here on Google Sightseeing - then send us a link to your site and we’ll be in touch with the most interesting writers!