Google secretly testing wormhole technology

Friday, 11th November 2011 by

Inquisitive reader Simon Proffitt alerted us to the Street View imagery in an area near to the Google HQ in Mountain View, California, The overwhelming evidence presented by these images suggest only one possibility: Google is testing top-secret wormhole technology on the streets near their campus.

Simon says he was having a virtual wander around the Google campus (after viewing our link to a huge collection of Street View camera cars), when he became strangely disoriented. Start here:

From here, click the forward arrow (the one at 11 o’clock), and you end up falling out of a wormhole and onto an 8-lane motorway:

Either the jump has messed with your sense of balance or Google is also testing portable gravity wells, because when you try and look around, you can’t stand up properly1.

Try move anywhere on this road and you end up back in Mountain View.

A little bit further down the road Simon also discovered another wormhole. Start on Stierlin Ct, just outside Microsemi:

Now attempt to wander into their car park. Boom, suddenly you’re on a 3-lane road:

But wait, it gets even weirder! Attempt to cross the road, and a wooden walkway appears as if by magic:

If you then click the left arrow to move off down this new road, you'll be suddenly transported onto an overpass over a completely different stretch of 8-lane motorway:

So when are we likely to see the unveiling of this new futuristic technology, and what might it be used for?

Many thanks to Simon Proffitt for uncovering this exciting news!

  1. Weirdly, this tilted view is only present on the actual Google Maps page, and not our embedded map page. ↩︎