Communication Towers

Tuesday, 17th May 2005 by

Very close to each other near Walnut Grove CA, are three utterly enormous communication towers. Firstly is the Channel 40 Tower which stands at 608.7 metres, then just a little South is the Hearst-Argyle Tower which stands at 609.6 metres (there's actually 17 communication towers in the US at exactly 609.6 metres, presumably they're all just the same kind?).

Channel 40 Tower Hearst-Argyle Tower

Finally we have the KXTV/KOVR Tower, an absolute behemoth of communications towers. Standing at 624.5 m the structure is taller than the CN Tower, and officially the 3rd largest structure in existence (the first two aren't covered by hi-res images on Google yet). There's loads more of these towers across the US, but they all start to look kind of the same after a while... ๐Ÿ˜‰


Thanks to Josh Kaplan.