Tuesday, 24th May 2005 by

You might have noticed that we've made a few changes around the site. The main one is the introduction of the 'Map' tab above. This gives you a mini google maps interface with all of our 'sights' plotted on it. You can also filter this map by category and do all the usual zooming in and out, pannning and switching between map and satellite view. If you would like to see a particular post's location on the map just click the 'Map This' link and you'll switch to the map view with the location marked. We've also given our thumbnail images a spruce up with a nice frame to help them stand out a bit more and generally tidied up a few of the other pages.

The inspiration and help for the map code came from the excellent 'Google Maps Standalone' and Chicago Crime.

If you have any suggestions, comments or bugs please leave them as comments on this post. Thanks!

Update: There is a major bug on the map page when using Internet Explorer. The page loads but then throws up an error box and you then get the error page. I'm working on a fix for this, it is a known IE bug.

Update 2: The popup bubble is still not working in Safari, I think it's something to do with the xslt file. The points not clearing when you select a different category bug has been fixed and the status text is a bit more helpful now.