Barringer Meteor Crater

Wednesday, 8th June 2005 by

This is the Barringer Meteor Crater, outside Flagstaff, Arizona. It's the result of a 300,000 ton meteor coliding with the Earth around 50,000 years ago. The crater is about 1.5 kilometers in diameter and 170 metres deep. It was the first feature on Earth to be recognized as an impact crater, and remains one of the best preserved examples. Also, the end of the movie 'Starman', was filmed here.

Unfortunately, it just missed being captured in high resolution, but you can really get a sense of how big it is, as you can still see it at zoom level 9! The site appears to have two websites devoted to it and I can't work out which one to link to, so you can take your pick 😉

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Barringer Meteor Crater

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