Black Holes

Tuesday, 7th June 2005 by

Please note that some or all of the objects mentioned in this post are no longer visible on Google Earth or Google Maps.

Finally! We have proof that Google is hiding things from us in Alaska, Mexico and er... New Jersey. Hmmm. Anyway, it's a conspiracy I tell you!

Firstly stretching over a large part of Alaska, all the way into the Yukon territory, is this gargantuan hole in the landscape. Interesting shape too...

Hole One

Next we leap to the other side of the country for a very strangely-shaped hole West of El Paso. See the odd in-road of detail at the bottom-left corner of the rectangle? Weird.

Hole Two

While we're down in Mexico, look at this super-cool hole which appears to be eating the surrounding landscape. Good lord!

Hole Four

Another country-wide leap and we're somewhere off the coast of New Jersey, where this unsuspecting little boat is about to steer itself straight into the next episode of Lost!

Hole Three

However, could this incredibly exciting conspiracy theory simply be something much mre mundane..?

Hole Five

Muchos gracias to Eder Chiunti, Dan Karran, Lurlock, JoakimE and Ian.