Monday, 27th June 2005 by

Gibraltar is an overseas territory of the United Kingdom on the southern tip of Spain. I visited Gibraltar while on a Spanish holiday a few years back and, just like the rest of the UK, it rained a lot.

We'll start today's tour (hopefully rain free) with the famous Gibraltar rock and the monkeys that live there. The Barbary Apes live in a cave near the Charles V Wall and tourists can walk up the rock to see the monkeys. Most of the paths up the rock are off-limits to the public but from the satellite viewpoint we can see on top of the rock there are various look out points with gun batteries.

A fair amount of Gibraltar is built on reclaimed land and the lack of space is apparent when you look at Gibraltar's only airstrip. Stretching the full width of the land (and plus some) it even intersects a road. At either side you can see a few cars waiting for the runway to be clear. Lastly on our little tour we visit the the most southerly point of Gibraltar where you can see Europa Point Lighthouse.

Thanks: Carson Diltz, Caius Toneriko, Keith T., damian, Rob, Jan Brasna, David de Hora, Teseo, Daniel