Mount Rainier

Tuesday, 21st June 2005 by

This is Mount Rainier, outside Seattle, Washington (fairly close to the previously posted Mount Saint Helens). At 4,392 metres, Mount Rainier is the highest mountain volcano in the continental contiguous U.S., and although there is no imminent risk of eruption, geologists expect that the volcano will erupt again.

Update: Post edited to reflect that I was mostly wrong. Thanks to Steve Ransom and others 🙂

Mount Rainer the tallest mountain in the continental US? Sorry, no. That distinction is held by Denali (Mt. McKinley) in Alaska at 6,194 meters. If you're just counting "contiguous" US, then the winner is Mt. Whitney in California at 4,418 meters. And if you meant volcano instead of mountain, then again Alaska wins with Mount Bona at 5,005 meters. But perhaps you meant tallest volcano in the contiguous US. Then Rainer wins. (There is some controversy about the difference between contiguous and continental, but every Alaskan knows the difference quite well.)

Mount Rainier

Thanks: Mark McKnight, gniv and daniel.