Two International Finance Centre

Tuesday, 28th June 2005 by

Overlooking Victoria Harbour (as seen in our previous post), is the Two International Finance Centre, which at 415.8 metres it is currently the tallest building in Hong Kong. Check out that shadow! Apparently it is the third tallest building in Greater China and the 6th tallest office building in the world.

Interestingly the building has 88 storeys, which is an extremely lucky number in Cantonese culture. Except that it doesn't really, because some of the 'taboo floors' like 14 and 24 are omitted (In Cantonese '14' sounds like 'You must be dead' and '24' sounds like 'It is easy to be dead'). There's more info at Wikipedia too.

Actually there's tons of huge skyscrapers right here, the Bank of China Tower for example, which was the first building outside the United States to break the 1000 foot mark.

Two International Finance Centre

Thanks to Chris G.