Google Earth Integration Is Go!

Tuesday, 12th July 2005 by

Google Sightseeing is now fully linked up to Google Earth. Every post now has a 'Google Earth' link as well as a 'Map' link. Clicking on the Google Earth link will zoom your copy of Google Earth to any of the sights listed in that post. If you don't have Google Earth installed you can grab it here, Windows only, sorry.

We've also made a Google Earth 'Network Link' that contains all of our sights which can then be updated from within Google Earth. To use the Network Link grab this KML file. Just click that link and a new 'Google Sightseeing' folder will appear in your 'Places' section in Google Earth. Give it a minute to load the points and your shiny earth should be populated with our fantastic sights. If you want to check for new points just right click on the 'Google Sightseeing' folder and hit refresh to get all the newest points.

There are bound to be a few bugs to iron out so if you spot any post them here. Thanks!