Mormon Temple Lot

Friday, 20th January 2006 by

According to Mormons, the Garden of Eden was originally located near Temple Lot, a small piece of land which is now shared by three different sects of the religon. The largest of the three sects, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, has a small presence; theirs is the white box building on the SE corner. The Church of Christ Temple Lot's presence is even smaller; theirs is the yellow-roofed building in the NW corner.

The other two structures which dominate this area, a Copper-roofed Auditorium on the SW corner and a spiral church on the NE corner, are both owned by the second largest, but obviously better funded sect, the Community of Christ. The Temple spire is inspired by a nautilus shell which spirals upwards (good ground shots on the architect's website) and there is a map of the world painted on the courtyard to the West.

Thanks: Kaley, Charles Eck, Scott McClare, Rob Ellis