Monday, 17th September 2007 by

Please note that some or all of the objects mentioned in this post are no longer visible on Google Earth or Google Maps.

High above the Uvas Reservoir in Santa Clara County, it looks like there's hundreds of colourful balloons floating up into the sky.

The possible balloons are unfortunately on the overlap of two images, but appear to be rising up from the beach on the South-Eastern tip of the island.

Helium balloons can reach anywhere between 2000 and 6000 metres in height1, but whether or not that would be high enough to make them so visible on a satellite photograph is unclear.

So it's over to you readers: could this be a large balloon release captured from space?

Thanks: Vaudesir

  1. Eventually they will burst and the plastic will fall back to Earth, where it will probably kill our wildlife ↩︎