The Ghost Plane of Mokpo

Friday, 7th December 2007 by

In the city of Mokpo, South Korea we can see a very mysterious aircraft, which cannot possibly be in flight or parked where it appears to be!

Look closely at the shadows of the plane and surrounding buildings, and you'll agree that the plane must be very near to the ground. So near in fact that it couldn't be airborne1, as it would have already collided into one of the tall surrounding buildings.

So then the only conclusion is that the plane must be resting on the buildings, right? Well, this plane is likely to be an Airbus A3002 (a passenger jet which carries around 300 people), and even completely empty it would weigh almost 82,000kg - which is rather a lot of weight for a building to support. And how would it have come to be there anyway?

Reader Graham, who spotted this sight, was kind enough to actually visit the area in question to see if the plane was still there, and how on earth it was being supported. Unfortunately a thorough search of the area proved fruitless, as there was "no sign of anything that could even remotely resemble an aircraft of that size".

Finally, to add to the intrigue, why does the right wing appear to blend into the background of the satellite image?

Many thanks to Graham!

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  2. With thanks to Cyclonic again for the In flight aircraft ID charts↩︎