Google Sightseeing is now optimized for your iPhone and iPod Touch!

Tuesday, 29th January 2008 by

If you're lucky enough to own an iPhone or an iPod Touch then you'll be delighted to hear that Google Sightseeing is now fully optimized for handheld sightseeing!

Just dig out your iPhone on Touch and point Safari to to get the optimized site.


We've simplified the site layout to make it much easier to read on the small screen and reduce the download size for when you're using the EDGE network.


The newly optimized GSS also integrates with your device's built in Google Maps application, so you can now pinch zoom your way around the latest Google Sightseeing sights!


Lastly, we've also created a "Web Clip" icon, so you can add Google Sightseeing to the home screen for one-touch access!

We'd like to hear your feedback on the new site, so please either comment here or send us an email.

  1. If you haven't got yourself an iPhone yet then visit in any browser to see what you're missing. ↩︎