Volcano Week 3

Monday, 13th October 2008 by

Continuing where 2005’s Volcano Day and 2006’s Volcano Day 2 left off, we'll be exclusively posting volcano-related sights this week as part of Volcano Week 3!1

We've got loads of great volcanoes lined up for the week, but if you have a favourite that we've not yet featured then please let us know.

Our first post will be up shortly, so in the meantime you can explore our previous volcano postings in the Volcano category, or previous theme-weeks Island week and Desert week. Google Earth also has a great volcano layer (under "Gallery" in the layers panel) which offers a wealth of information for all the known volcanoes worldwide.

  1. Technically, Volcano Week 1 as it's the first week-long Volcano event. Or perhaps we should count the missed volcano week that never happened in 2007 and call it Volcano Week 4? Call it whatever you like: Volcanoes. About a week. You get the idea. ↩︎