On this day: Eat A Red Apple Day

Monday, 1st December 2014 by

December 1st is ‘Eat a Red Apple Day’, according to quite a number of web sites, though nobody seems to know where the celebration originated. There’s also the saying ‘an apple a day keeps the doctor away,’ which would seem to imply that eating an apple just once a year simply isn’t sufficient. Still, we encourage you to eat a red apple today, and while you’re doing so why not visit a few really big red apples?

Big Apple

The main contender for title of World’s Largest Apple is found in Colborne, Ontario. The 11m (36’) tall The Big Apple is found just off the 401 highway east of Toronto and is part of a family roadside attraction featuring an orchard and bakery famous for its digital counters showing how many hundreds of thousands of pies have been baked to date.

The town of Cornelia, Georgia, is home to a more modestly-sized apple which was built in 1925 to honour the main agricultural crop of the region. A Big Red Apple Festival is held in October to celebrate the harvest.

Finally, the world’s largest apple basket full of pretty big apples is found at an orchard in Frazeysburg, OH.