1st Annual Google Sightseeing Volcano Day!

Monday, 20th June 2005 by

Today we are proud to present to you, the 1st Annual* Google Sightseeing Volcano Day! Yes that's right, we have an entire day of posts lined up entirely devoted to volcanoes.

  • Please note: This event may not actually occur annually 😉

To get us started, we have the 3426 metre Mount Hood in Oregon. Snow-capped all year round, the volcano hasn't erupted since 1782, but is considered potentially active. Mount Hood has eleven glaciers and five ski areas, including the only ski area in the U.S. that's open 12 months of the year.

Unfortunately, like most of the volcanoes we'll be posting today, Mount Hood is not shown in high-resolution yet. Maybe by the time we get to the 2nd annual volcano awards...

Mount Hood

Thanks to david poznik and sunilonln.