Barcena, Pacific Volcano

Monday, 20th June 2005 by

Larry pointed us towards this excellent little volcano island in the Pacific Ocean, roughly 400 miles southwest of the tip of Baja California Sur, Mexico. Great crater Larry, good work!

Unfortunately here's no map data of any of the islands in this area. Can anyone work out where this is? Too late, I think I worked it out 😉 Looks like this is Barcena on the island of San Benedicto (one of the Revilligigedo Islands). Apparently Barcena was born on August 1, 1952 and it reached a height of 300 metres in only 12 days! By mid September of that year it had mostly ceased erupting. There's a photo of it in action here.

It looks a bit like some sort of Bond-esque, super-evil Pacific hideaway doesn't it?

Pacific Volcano