Double Bridge Shadow

Thursday, 2nd June 2005 by

Here's a great double bridge shadow in New Orleans. Weirdly, Google Maps labels both bridges as the Greater New Orleans Bridge, and they also both appear to carry the same highway. Does traffic only go one way on each perhaps?

Double Bridge Shadow

Thanks: Andrew Harris.

Update: Jeff Richardson shared this brilliant info with us in the comments:

This will seem counter-intuitive, but the area on the left is called the "East Bank" and the area on the right is called the "West Bank." Because the Mississippi river zigs and zags so much, there are areas on the East Bank that are actually west of the West Bank. If you zoom out enough you'll see that this has to do with the fact that the river runs more or less West to East near New Orleans, even though the river obviously runs North to South across the country. Also, this is caused by the river's S shape, which is the reason that New Orleans is called the Crescent City.

Thanks Jeff šŸ˜€