Forth Bridges

Wednesday, 22nd June 2005 by

As the Google Sightseeing team is based in Edinburgh, this was one of the first places we looked when we found out about Google Maps' new satellite images. Disappointingly however, they seem to have missed most of Edinburgh when they were choosing high-resolution pictures, in fact Glasgow has also suffered a similar fate!

Fortunately however we can still see the splendid Forth Bridge, complete with a train travelling into Edinburgh. Completed in 1890, it is commonly regarded as an engineering marvel. Just to the west of the rail bridge is the Forth Road Bridge which, while much less impressive than the rail bridge from the ground, has some excellent shadows from up here!

There's a commonly believed story round these parts that the Forth Rail Bridge requires continual painting; as soon as they finish the job they have to start again at the other side. Apparently it's not true, but for many years the bridge did have a permanent maintenance crew.

There's also a tanker anchored in the Firth of Forth, although it's a bit weird looking at a tanker so near to where I live. I guess somehow I didn't imagine tankers would be just the same over here...

Forth Rail Bridge Forth Road Bridge

Thanks to Kerry for pointing me towards this one first, and to the many others who posted it since! 😀