Waw An Namus

Friday, 29th July 2005 by

This is Waw an Namus, a 1200 metre extinct volcano in the Sahara desert, Libya. The volcano itself is surrounded by a huge area of deposited ash which stands out strikingly against the desert sands. Zoom in closer to see some spectacular colours.

Waw An Namus Waw An Namus

You can really see which way the prevailing wind blows around here, huh?

A couple of hundred kilometres to the north you can see an absolutely vast basaltic lava flow field, known as Djebel Haroudj. If you take a broader look at the area, I think you can still make out the path the lava took from the volcano to it's final destination.


I couldn't find an entry for this in Wikipedia, but this page has some good stuff.

Thanks: Leonard Richardson, Mikhail, Adriaan Bos, Manny Mouse, Mike S, pfly and Lauri Kangas.