Ancient Greece

Wednesday, 3rd August 2005 by

This is the Acropolis in Athens, Greece. The Acropolis has an incredibly ancient history (described in some detail over at Wikipedia), but today it is best known for the most famous surviving building of Ancient Greece, the Parthenon (which is shown in our thumbnail). The Parthenon has stood here for nearly 2,500 years (Wikipedia page), and there's lots of other ancient sights at here too, so here's a map of the area in the the time of Socrates and Plato to compare with.

The Parthenon

Here in Edinburgh we've got the National Monument, a copy of the Parthenon which was unfortunately never finished (supposedly due to a lack of funds), and is known locally as Edinburgh's Disgrace (Wikipedia page). There's no high-res of it yet, but I bet you'll all be glad to hear that I can see it from my bedroom window 😀

There's another (way more impressive) copy in Centennial Park, Nashville, but again no high-res I'm afraid 🙁

Back to ancient Greece, and just east of the Acropolis you can still see the remaining columns of the Temple Of Olympian Zeus (Wikipedia page).

Temple Of Olympian Zeus

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