Iguazu Falls

Wednesday, 26th July 2006 by

The Iguazu Falls are situated on the border of Argentina and Brazil, who both claim the falls as one of their top tourist destinations. In peak flow the water has a massive surface area of 1.3 million square feet, split over about 270 separate falls.

Iguazu Falls are wider in area than the Niagara or Victoria falls and despite being reportedly more spectacular than both have failed to achieve as much fame. When the First Lady Mrs. Roosevelt saw Iguazu Falls she exclaimed "Poor Niagara", yet to be honest I hadn't heard about Iguazu until about 10 minutes ago. Still, I've learned my lesson now and read the Wikipedia page.

Thanks: PZ, Doug Olson, Vinicius Lage, Zara, Román Gorojovsky, Michael Walter & Spamboy