Digg Update

Sunday, 24th September 2006 by

Hello? Can you hear me?

Well, four days later, and I can finally access the site for long enough to write an update post. Since the Major Digging on our Topless Sunbather story, things have been pretty crazy.

I posted the story on Tuesday, and on Wednesday the site became unresponsive due to the sheer number of visitors. The Digg Story which brought us down is even now still climbing the most popular this week page, and at time of writing has 2420 diggs. To make matters worse, on Thursday the Register posted their own version of the story (note that their version is factually incorrect - Dutch TV had already tried to go and see the sunbather before we ever posted about it) which further contributed to our downtime.

On Friday, just as we thought things were getting back to normal, Ekstra Bladet (a Danish tabloid newspaper) also linked to the story, which brought us down all over again!

It's now Sunday, and the traffic really is dying down now, so fingers crossed, things really will get back to normal tomorrow (unless some other site picks up the story of course 😉 )

Thanks for bearing in there!

P.S. Google Sightseeing is very proud to now be described on our Wikipedia page as having notoriously posted a picture of a topless woman 😀