Parachute In Flight

Tuesday, 6th March 2007 by

As Google Earth is getting higher and higher resolution images, there's much more to see in flight that the odd aeroplane, and today we can see a skydiver in flight over a French drop-zone.

It looks like the skydiver is aiming for the small square landing pad over to the East, where another skydiver with an orange coloured parachute has already landed.

If there was a third diver after the first two, then we could potential see a human-in-flight! I've searched the surrounding area, but so far can't find anything. Have any of our readers had better luck?

While you're searching: the average skydive only lasts a couple of minutes, so the plane which these people have jumped out of should be around here somewhere...

More on the landing zone (in French) on their website

Thanks: dda