House in the Clouds

Friday, 3rd August 2007 by

This is the fantastic House in the Clouds in Thorpeness, England, which was built in 1923 and functioned as the town's water tower1 for the next 40 years.

It originally held 189 kilolitres (~50,000 gallons) of water, and was designed so that from miles around it looks like a cottage has come to rest in the top of a tree.

Nearby there's a windmill which used to be corn mill at the nearby village of Aldringham, but was moved here to pump water to the tower instead.

Today the House in the Clouds is a 5 bedroom guest house, but don't even consider booking a room unless you've got some serious money to burn...

This Keyhole post has some fantastic photos of this bizarre structure and the official site has the entire history

  1. Wikipedia: "a very large tank constructed for the purpose of holding a supply of water at a height sufficient to pressurize a water supply system." ↩︎