Strategically Positioned Crop Circles

Saturday, 4th August 2007 by

Here's a nice new crop circle we haven't seen before, south of Leeds, England, and handily for drivers who might be fans of crop art, this is right next to the M1 motorway. Funnily enough, the M1 seems to be a bit of a hotspot for crop circles, as we've previously featured several others just 11 miles south, beside exactly the same road. Strange huh?

Just south of Swindon, there's another crop circle we haven't seen before, but this time it's a pretty cool-looking spiral shaped one. But as there's clearly no motorway, why put one here?

Yup, you guessed it. This is directly west of "the world's busiest international airport"1, Heathrow.

If only we knew what these symbols were trying to tell us, eh?

Thanks to JT, AWDfury and GEarth Hacks. Read more about crop circles at wikipedia.

  1. Disputed of course, but technically true, Heathrow does have more international passengers than any other airport. ↩︎