Alien Crop Circles!

Tuesday, 14th February 2006 by

Here at Google Sightseeing one of the things people most often ask us to post, are your common-or-garden alien crop circles. Never liking to disappoint our readers, GGSS is proud to present... a whole slew of possibly alien crop circles!

You lucky people.

First up is this bizarre collection of lines and circles near Uckfield, East Sussex, England. At first I wondered if perhaps this was a chalk figure of some kind, but I couldn't uncover anything, so... it must have been aliens!

Next, over to Italy for some sort of Biohazard warning symbol. This one is definitely drawn into the crops, but what are the aliens trying to tell us?

Finally, here in Billingly, South Yorkshire is the best crop circle we've ever seen on Google Local. Aliens. No doubt about it.

Hmmmm. Aliens who speak English... profanely. And I think the alien responsible might have been called "Eddie"...

Thanks to Rob B, Mauro Nopperman, bruj0, Eric, Jo Pettitt, Francois Jordaan, Reed, Paul Morgan, Alex Lozowski and Shawn.