Welcome to Cleveland

Tuesday, 7th August 2007 by

In a classic example of large type on Google Earth, here's a roof where someone has written 'Welcome to Cleveland' in 6-foot-high letters.

Usually we'd assume that this was a kind message welcoming air passengers to Ohio's second largest city - but in this particular case the writing is actually in the flight path of the nearby General Mitchell International Airport. That's the General Mitchell airport, Milwaukee, Wisconsin!

The story goes that one day back in '78, Mark Gubin was having lunch on his roof with his assistant, who remarked upon all the low-flying planes - saying how nice it would be to make a sign welcoming everyone to Milwaukee.

Apparently Gubin simply said "You know what would be even better..?"

Thanks to Carson Diltz, oz and Chico Seay. You can read the full story at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.