Talk Like a Pirate Day

Wednesday, 19th September 2007 by

Avast Ye! Today, it be Talk Like a Pirate Day an' we've got a barrel-load of piratey-themed sights fer ye landlubbers!

Las Vegas' Treasure Island be havin' a daily pirate battle, 'ere the swashbucklers by defeated by th' booty-shaking o' "the sirens o' ti". Not yer usual kind o' booty neither!

Them "Pirates of the Caribbean" movie-films wi' buccaneer Johnny Depp, they be based on a children's ride! Those children orta be workin' the sail and swabbin' the decks! Arrr!

There be a swashbuckling ship maze on the Isle of Wight! Shiver Me Timbers!

This even be a plane in middle o' Santa Cruz, 'ere they be callin' it 'Th' Pirate Plane'! Flyin' Pirates? Whaterenext!

Be seein' you also The Pirate Skull of Vegas.

Thanks to these scurvy dogs: Juan Manuel Gil, bruv, Virtual Globetrotting and Munden.