Nuclear Water Wonderland

Wednesday, 26th March 2008 by

Just outside of Kelkar in Germany lies a huge nuclear reactor that was ultimately never taken online. The SNR-300 'Fast Breeder' (a neutron reactor that creates more fuel than it uses) was needed since Germany has a limited supply of uranium and wanted to limit imports.


However, by the mid eighties, the disaster at Chernobyl and other political issues meant that development effectively stalled - the building was finished, but none of the radioactive materials were there; the government abandoned it, and the German taxpayer was effectively left with a concrete shell costing 3.5 billion euros.

When a dutch businessman bought the complex in 1995, he decided to turn it into a hotel and amusement park - 'Kernwasser Wunderland', which translates rather unappealingly to 'Nuclear Water Wonderland.' By far the coolest activity in my eyes has to be the ability to both go inside and free climb up the huge painted cooling tower.

Despite the obvious stigma of holidaying at a Nuclear Power plant, over half a million people visit annually. And if you still have a nagging worry, you can be reassured by their slogan - "this whole complex guaranteed free of radiation!"

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