Possible Nuclear Weapon Bunker in Burma?

Wednesday, 5th August 2009 by

Halfway up a Burmese mountain we find a large, blue, mysterious building, that appears to have been built right into the side of the mountain. What could such a building be designed to house, and why would it need to be semi-submerged? One suggestion is that this is a top secret nuclear reactor, created with the help of North Korea.

An article in the Sydney Morning Herald quoted Burmese defectors that a nuclear reactor was being constructed near Naung Laing, which happens to be just 3 miles SE of this location.

The suspicious building appears to have large power cable connections, and there could well be security checkpoints on the surrounding roads, so perhaps the Burmese do have something to hide here?

Of course, none of this actually means there's anything exciting going on at the building, it could still be an innocent sports hall.

So, is anyone convinced that we've got a nuclear bunker? What other things can you spot that might prove that it is a secret reactor or bomb factory?

Thanks to Arms Control Wonk, ISIS, Ogle Earth