Burj Dubai

Thursday, 17th April 2008 by

The Burj Dubai, upon completion, will be the tallest man-made structure on the face of the planet.

Here we can see it in a relatively early stage. From the timeline of pictures on Wikipedia, this image looks to have been taken in early 2006.


But things have changed substantially since then. Already, as of last week, it towers 639m into the sky, with 160 floors. Within the next few weeks, it will likely surpass the - now destroyed - Warsaw radio mast to become the tallest manmade structure ever built. And it won't even be finished then! It is expected to top off at around 818 metres.

The challenges of building the Burj Dubai are immense, with the incredible heat of the desert, meaning that most of the work is carried out at night, coupled with the problem of pumping concrete that high, all challenges that are overcome thanks to the extraordinary amount of money that is being poured into Dubai by wealthy Princes. It is even said that over 25% of the world's tower cranes are working on projects in Dubai.

However, the record may not stay with this tower for long, as plans are already being made for a mile-high tower nearby!

Read up on the Burj Dubai and watch its progress in pictures at Wikipedia, see a recent picture of Burj Dubai (and neighboring developments) on Flickr and see a previous post on the current tallest buildings.

Thanks to David Kelly