World’s Most Expensive Home

Wednesday, 30th April 2008 by

Ira Rennert is the billionaire founder of Renco Group1, who is best known for the palatial property he had built in the Hamptons, New York. It is the largest privately owned house in America It is purportedly the largest privately owned and occupied house in America, and is estimated to be the world's most expensive home.

The beach-front complex is known as Fairfield, and it nestles in a mere 255,000 m² of land (63 acres). The buildings themselves have over 10,000 m² of floor-space, and contain 29 bedrooms, 39 bathrooms, a 28 m long dining room, a bowling alley, a squash court and by all accounts a $150,000 hot tub!

Outside we can see the obligatory tennis and basketball courts, a modest-sized swimming pool and this ground level picture proves that money can't necessarily buy good taste...

In 2007 Mr Rennert reportedly paid a staggering $397,559 in tax on this property, and based on these figures, the building has been estimated to be worth at least $170 million.

Read more about Mr. Rennert and his house at Wikipedia. Thanks to Bob and mesmart.

  1. The Renco Group is a holding company which basically owns other companies, and they're far from popular with environmentalists. Until recently Renco owned the company that makes Hummers, and they continue to operate mills and mines across the US and South America that have provoked "public outcries, environmental lawsuits, and hundreds of millions of dollars in environmental penalties and fines". ↩︎