Face of Cowboy Jesus Found in Desert!

Friday, 22nd August 2008 by

The proof is now clear for all to see - Jesus was a cowboy! As demonstrated by this ridiculously large example of Pareidolia in the Australian Outback.

These images have been colour-adjusted for clarity

Actually, you're not just seeing things, this is in fact Mundi Man, and not only is he really there, but he might just be the world's largest work of art. The vision of an artist known as "Ando", he covers a staggering 4 million square metres - meaning that his smile alone is as wide as the Empire State Building is tall!

The image of an anonymous "stockman" (an Australian cowboy) was chosen to represent those who pioneered the Outback plains of Australia. Unfortunately, it seems that whatever method Ando used to put our cheery-looking cowboy here hasn't lasted too well, as he seems to be slowly fading away into the desert...

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Thanks to adrbr.