Neo-Nazi FAIL

Wednesday, 22nd October 2008 by

Mowed into this field in Canada is a large equilateral cross with its arms bent at right angles, of a design that has been shown to arise independently in any basket-weaving society. In other words, a 30 metre-wide Swastika.

Despite the very innocent Swastika symbol having been around longer than civilisation itself, these days the symbol has been almost exclusively associated with the Nazi Party, ever since they adopted it as their logo in the 1920s. Given that the symbol in this field is contained within a circle (the actual Nazi symbol is in a circle and set at a 45° angle), the likelihood is that this was indeed created by some nasty Neo-Nazis hoping to promote their evil cause.

Unfortunately for our inept villains, they've drawn it with the arms of the symbol left-facing, which despite having plenty of historical precedent is incorrect, as the Nazi swastika had right-facing arms, even on the rear side of their flag.

Previously on Google Sightseeing we've seen an unintentional Swastika building, a Swastika fountain and some Dutch neo-nazis who were equally incapable of getting simple shapes the right way round.

Thanks to S.Patrick.