“Google Stole My Adsense”

Wednesday, 4th February 2009 by

Many people have tried to get their personal messages captured on Google Earth, but for whatever reason, most have failed - even when they knew the images were being taken.

On this basketball court in Australia however, someone has finally succeeded in having their message deliberately captured, and this time the message is a rather anti-Google one...

The message, which covers the entire court (you can see the shadows of the nets at either end), reads "Google stole my Adsense" - implying that whoever created these words is in some sort of dispute with Google over payments from their "contextual advertising solution", Google Adsense.

What isn't clear however, is who the person responsible is or, more importantly, whether or not Google will allow this image to remain visible.

We've seen many times that El Goog are happy to remove Street View images at the request of members of the public, but will they remove satellite or aerial images that are critical of their practices?

Thanks to Ella.