Hidden US Missile Base

Tuesday, 7th April 2009 by

Google is at it again. As we have seen before, El Goog is sometimes asked to censor specific areas from public view. This time they are not just using the typical "this image is no longer available" message or an amusing Photoshop technique, but instead giving us these fun and exciting images to gaze upon.

parallel universe parallel universe

While it's probably true that if a 4th dimension were discovered then you'd see it here first, this is actually an active missile launch-site in North Dakota that houses the destructive one-and-a-half ton Minuteman III nuclear missile.

launch site

This is an intercontinental-range, silo-based, solid propellant ballistic missile system. Sounds dangerous! Even more shocking, a quick Google maps search of “Minuteman III ICBM Launch Facility” along with a random letter of the alphabet such as the letter a or the letter v will show hundreds of these launch sites, mostly situated in the central United States. These missiles have a range of 13,000km - which is over a quarter of the circumference of the planet!

static colorful

One reader suggested the images bring to mind the Candy Land board game, but to me it's more along the lines of an eerie backdrop for a new Willy Wonka movie. Either way, I can't figure out why they chose to replace the images in this way.

What do you think is the reasoning behind this?

Thanks to Bob P.