Become a Google Sightseeing Writer

Monday, 14th September 2009 by

UPDATE: Due to the level of response to this post, we have stopped accepting notes of interest - thanks to everyone who got in touch. If you haven't heard back from us yet then it's likely that your application didn't reach us in time, sorry. To everyone that has already received a response, we're looking forward to hearing back from you!

In an effort to maintain the output of Google Sightseeing in the face of ever increasing familial and other life-related pressures, we're today starting a new recruitment drive.

We're looking to expand our small team of enthusiastic writers, all of whom love to explore Google Earth, Maps and Streetview, and are passionate about finding interesting places and learning new things.

Although we rely on user suggested sights for inspiration, each entry that we publish is individually researched and personally hand crafted by an author. Therefore successful applicants will have a genuine interest in the subjects we write about, and of course excellent written English skills.

We expect a few hours per week of commitment from our writers, each of whom is paid a flat fee for every published post. And at the moment, we have no upper limit set on the number of people we'll employ – if we think you have something to contribute to the site, then we'll make room for you.

Do you think this might be you? Then get in touch through our contact form for more information.