Mediterranean Sky in Siesta

Tuesday, 15th September 2009 by

There seems to be a phenomenon occurring all around the world: Giant ships have been sneaking quietly out of the shipyard, going just out the sight of their owners, turning onto their sides and taking a little siesta.


The Mediterranean Sky has been resting off the coast of Greece since early in 2003. We're not sure if and when she'll be returning to work, as most of her hull has rusted through.

However, the fact that her lifeboats are still intact (not salvaged as one would suspect) could mean that she is just waiting for someone to come and rouse her from her slumber. There's a rumor going around that this old girl had some financial problems back in 1997. - Perhaps that is the reason she's being all lazy, lying around doing nothing?

We've seen this sort of reckless abandonment before, so we know this little nap taker isn't an isolated issue. See for yourself the beginnings of an international problem! What would happen if any old ship just decided to lay up in the shallows? Catastrophe!

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Update: RobK points out another sleeping beauty, this time its the World Discoverer in the Solomon Islands.


Can you find any more? Post the link in the comments and we'll see how many of these dosing giants we can find!