Amerigo Vespucci

Tuesday, 13th June 2006 by

Please note that some or all of the objects mentioned in this post are no longer visible on Google Earth or Google Maps.

At a naval base in La Spezia, Italy, we see the world famous tall ship "Amerigo Vespucci". She was ordered in 1925 along with the Cristoforo Colombo, an identical ship that was decommissioned by the USSR after WWII, and is modelled on 18th century cannon ships.

However the Amerigo Vespucci has no cannons, which is a shame as I think cannons would have made the Cutty Sark Tall Ships' Race - which she often competes in - a much more exciting affair.

The Naval Base is worth browsing as there's various submarines and other ships in dry-dock kicking around. Wikipedia Link.

Thanks: Thomas Blüthgen