Blob in the Bath

Thursday, 14th January 2010 by

Wayne Coyne is the lead singer, songwriter and guitarist of rock outfit The Flaming Lips, and is known for his extravagant stage entrances and over the top performances. Flaming Lips gigs have been described as "psychedelic experiences", and Mr. Coyne considers himself a bit of an experimental artist.

All of which might go some way to explain why he was photographed by the Google Car whilst sitting outside in a bathtub, with a large painted sign behind him which reads "Blob in the Bath".

Naturally enough it was a member of the Flaming Lips forums that discovered this little tableau, and they directed us to some photos of the event on Myspace which prove it really is Mr. Coyne in the bath.

Unfortunately we haven't got a Myspace account1 to see if Wayne offers any sort of explanation as to what led him to believe this was a sensible sort of thing to do.

Here's the Flaming Lips on Wikipedia, and more about Wayne himself.

Thanks to Allistair and the members of the Flaming Lips forums.

  1. And we're far too old to sign up for one. ↩︎