The World’s Largest McDonald’s

Tuesday, 5th July 2011 by

Standing over the Will Rogers Turnpike outside of Vinita, Oklahoma we find a McDonald's large enough to cross a four-lane highway! At 29,135 square feet in size, that makes this McDonald's (you guessed it) the largest McDonald's in the world!

Opened in 1957, the building was originally home to the Glass House restaurant. You can clearly see why because the "Mickey-dees" still has the original glass house design, just with the addition of the golden arches.

In time the Glass House became a Howard Johnson's restaurant, before it was finally subsumed into the world's largest chain of hamburger-based fast food restaurants – and started serving Big Macs.

In truth, most of the interior of the restaurant is today turned over to gift shops, coffee bars, and even a gas station; so the claim to be the world's largest McDonald's should be taken with a pinch of salt (as is always the case with claims such as these).

Will Rogers himself does welcome every guest though!1

If you'd like to see this potentially record-breaking restaurant for yourself, simply take I-44 northeast out of Tulsa. You really can't miss it!

  1. No, not the real one↩︎