Naked and Nude on Google Maps

Friday, 2nd September 2011 by

We here at Google Sightseeing pride ourselves on bringing you all sort of fantastic sights from around the globe covering all sorts of topics, but we know where our bread is buttered. The visitor statistics and Street View submissions say it all: viewers want to see things that are naked and nude. And who are we to disappoint them? By popular demand, today we’re giving you an entire entry full of things that are naked and nude!

No point in wasting time. Let’s get Spread Eagle and dive right in...

We hope this Naked Baker is at least wearing a hairnet.

Is there anyone in Southern California who’s up for a Nude Wash1?

There are five different creeks in the southeastern United States that are Naked. Along Naked Creek in Virginia is Naked Creek Road, which happens to lie across the creek from Moose Bottom Road. What that symbolises, we have no idea.

Leave it to the Netherlands to take things to the next level. The city of Wageningen has an entire Nude street, replete with a Nude auto shop!

Our own Noel Ballantyne brings us this wonderful Muff from Country Donegal2:

Don’t worry, ladies; we’re keeping your interests in mind, too. In fact, we know a place in Sint Maarten specifically geared toward many of your tastes:

If all of this nakedness and nudity is a bit much for you to handle all at once, perhaps we should tone it down and focus on Ass Allround:

Not to get too lewd, but we did uncover a prominent Nipple Knob while compiling this entry. As well, we also caught a Wanker in broad daylight directly on Street View.

Thus concludes what is undoubtedly the most Sexey post ever on Google Sightseeing.

  1. Oh, it’s that type of wash↩︎

  2. There's even a Muff Diving Club. We couldn't make this up if we tried. ↩︎