Top 5 Worst Traffic Cities in the World

Tuesday, 8th May 2012 by

Nobody likes traffic. The frequent starts and stops just to roll another few feet can grind away at anyone's mind. Well, if you're planning a trip soon, you might want to avoid the following destinations! They were determined by an IBM survey to be the world's top 5 worst cities for traffic!

5: New Delhi

Our first mention takes us to India's capital city, New Delhi, which is home to a population of nearly 14 million within its metropolitan area. From those who responded in the IBM survey, 62 percent say traffic has negatively impacted their school or job performance, and 96 percent say traffic has negatively affected their overall health! Looking from above, it's hard to spot any real lane usage by any of the multitude of buses, cars, and rickshaws!

4: Moscow

64 percent of the surveyed commuters in Russia's capital city said that the city's traffic nightmares have worsened in the last three years, and the city ranked worst on the average duration of its traffic jams. It's got to be nerve-racking to know that once you hit traffic, the average expected delay is nearly two-and-a-half hours! At least people are somewhat following lanes here behind the street view car.

3: Johannesburg

South Africa's largest city of Johannesburg ranks the highest amongst those cities commuters believe have worsened over the past three years. Eighty percent of those surveyed agreed that the traffic situation isn't getting any better, and the city scored 97 points out of 100 on the scale of the emotional and economic toll of commuting. We have access to the 45° Imagery on Google Maps this time to get a closer look, and sure enough the delays are easy to find.

2: Mexico City

Mexico's capital city scored a nearly "perfect" 99 out 100 on the survey. More than half of the commuters surveyed say that traffic has negatively affected their school or job performance. Just like before, it doesn't take long to find some backups with Google's street view car. Looks like we could be here a while.

1: Beijing

Ranking the highest (or worst) on our list is China's capital city of Beijing, which is home to nearly 20 million people. Even outside of rush hour, many roads to and from Beijing remain clogged with traffic. The daily rush in traffic also causes air quality issues around the city; so much so that during the 2008 Olympic games, drivers were only allowed to drive on either even or odd days (based on their license plate number). Today, Beijing has a limit on how many license plates they issue a month to try to control the number of vehicles, and non-Beijing plated cars are banned from entering certain areas of the city during rush hour.

Beijing also holds the record for the world's worst traffic jam... ever! In 2010, a clog between Beijing and Jining stretched for 100 kilometres (62 miles), and lasted nearly a month! Needless to say it took a large effort from hundreds of police to keep order. Hoping to catch a glimpse from Google, all we could find on the imagery today was this little congestion near the Great Wall.